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Laurie D Saukko is a warm and cold glass artist driven by curiosity and backed by strong technical skills. The warm glass, or kiln glass offers a unique problem solving aspect of which she excels. Experimentation has led Laurie to expand on techniques and make them her own. Her understanding of glass flow allows her to create unique pieces that compel the viewer to ask, "how did she do that?"

Never satisfied with simple design she incorporates hot glass cane, laminated bars, flow bars and high temperature firings into colourful pieces. She enjoys the challenge of complicated firings and component work that gives dimension and interest to her creations. Additionally her textured pieces invite the viewer to touch and experience it for themselves.

Laurie's glass can be both functional and whimsical. Her vocation in HVAC gives her problem solving skills that are evident in each glass work. And, her desire to learn from others and independently ensures that her body of work will continue to push the limits.

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