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Hello everyone!   It's Laurie Saukko of Pretty Warm & Cool Glass

Okay, so I know that I have been very lazy with regard to maintaining my web-site.  I am going to do my best to post more of my work and see if we can't get the store going...darn job just keeps intruding on my personal time!

Anyways, check back in  few months to see what's new but copy down these dates first...I will be at the Inglewood night market July 13 in the trunk sale area and again in August.  I will be out in Millarville (confirmed dates) August 4 and 18th, as well as Sept 1. 

On September 22, I will also be at the Strathcona Tweedmuir School alumni weekend.   They have a market and a plethora of other events.   I am excited about this one particularly as they were undergoing renovations last year, so I am looking forward to see what's new. 

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