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Hello Everyone!

Here is the update of where I am going to be for this fall season.

Aug 26, Millarville Farmer's Market 9-2

Sept. 3 Callingwood Farmers Market in Edmonton 10-3

Sept. 23  Strathcona Tweedsmuir School 11-3

Oct. 14 Cochrane Made 10-4 Lions Event Centre, Cochrane

Nov. 2-5, Nov. 9-12  Millarville Christ Market  9-4

Nov. 18-19 Cochrane Made 10-4, 10-3

I look forward to seeing everyone...I have added some new pictures, as you know, I have been very poor at keeping up, that's the challenge with one of a kind...sometimes it's gone before I even get a picture!




For Pat

Tree of Life


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